We absolutely LOVE Music K-8 and use it almost exclusively now for our holiday programs.

- Michigan

I love what you offer. Music K-8 is, hands down, my MOST valuable resource. I would be willing to give up a lot of other things...but not this publication.

- Missouri

I found you 10 years ago. You offer the best music for children!!

- New York

You're one of my first bookmarks that I go to for ideas!

- Illinois

Love your magazine and songs! I've used them every year of my 20 years of teaching. Great ideas, great songs, and a great company! Thank you so much for all that you do!

- Iowa

THANK YOU for everything. I love love love Music K-8!!

- Texas

This publication is one of my most valuable/utilized resources. Please don't ever stop the great work you're doing.

- Georgia

You are a wonderful business. Thank you for all you do to help music teachers.

- Illinois

I've been a fan for as long as I've taught. Thank you for your music.

- Ontario, Canada

You are a wonderful company, and I’m so thankful for the quality material you continue to produce!!!

- Illinois


- Minnesota

Music K-8 is my lifeline for a good music program. Thank you for your high-quality offerings!

- Arkansas

I have purchased Music K-8 magazines for years, and I love them very much!

- Washington

Love your company! Found you in 2012 at the recommendation of another music teacher. Now I’m doing the recommending of Plank Road Publishing!

- Florida

I found you all when I was in my first year of teaching! I love what you all do!

- Texas

I never miss a year! Music K-8 is the core of my lessons, K-5 and ASD. Keep up the awesomeness!

- Michigan

You are an awesome company, your magazine and other products are great, and I want to tell you how grateful I am to you all! I wish you all the best!!

- Connecticut

I want to THANK YOU for being such a big part of my teaching and my concerts and other performances all these years! Your music has been enjoyed by so many students and families as well as myself!

- Connecticut

I can’t imagine trying to do my job as a music teacher without your magazines/songs/activities. I look forward to each and every issue next year!

- Florida

Keep making great music that kids love.... I’ve used you exclusively for 21 years and I can’t imagine using any other song library!

- Florida

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