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The Santaclausian

The Santaclausian

An Imaginative But Highly Unlikely Musical Tale For Young Voices

by Teresa Jennings & Karl Hitzemann

This fun new musical is an origin story of Santa Claus. A really, really silly one. It's told as a story to a couple of Polar Podcasters of The North Pole Network. The setting is, therefore, just a room with "microphones and headsets" (props). The script calls for two Polar Podcasters and seven historians (Santa-storians), as well as an onstage audience for listening/group speaking, but it's all very flexible. Characters can be elves, reindeer, kids, animals, aliens, Christmas trees, snow people, and so on.

The story goes something like this... Click to read more and hear excerpts. >>

Sing With Us The Christmas Story

Sing With Us The Christmas Story

Now including Color Media Kit

The concept is simple, and the performance results will be dramatic and moving for performers and audiences alike. Take eight of the most beloved carols, and arrange them in simple vocal arrangements, the way you expect them to be (with optional second parts) and create a narrative based on the scriptural telling of the Christmas story, broken into segments that set up the songs.

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The Young & The Merry

The Young & The Merry

A Collection Of Seasonal Songs For Little Singers

Our writers love creating songs for that festive season of the year, and they especially have fun writing music for your younger singers. We have filled this new collection with an array of some of their best tunes in recent years.

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