Al Giv'ot Sheikh Abreik - Jewish/Israeli

From World Music Press/Plank Road Publishing

arr. Joshua Jacobson

Here is a stirring, rhythmic homage to the early pre-State pioneers of Israel, arranged by Joshua Jacobson. It is about the heroism and dedication of the halutzim, Jews who left their homes in Europe in the early twentieth century to return to their ancient homeland in the land of Israel. Music by Zeira; lyrics by Pen; in Hebrew; piano/guitar/clarinet/dumbek; SATB and alto soloist(s).

The demo CD available for this tune simply contains a sample performance. It does not include an accompaniment track.

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Al Giv'ot Sheikh Abreik - Jewish/Israeli - SATB with Dumbek/PVG - Choral
(minimum of 10)
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Al Giv'ot Sheikh Abreik - Jewish/Israeli - Clarinet Part
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Al Giv'ot Sheikh Abreik - Preview CD
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Al Giv'ot Sheikh Abreik (demonstration)

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