CD Binder System

From Univenture

This Compact Disc Binder is a perfect way to organize and carry your CDs. It holds neat little Safety-Sleeve™ Binder Pages that are padded, and have a pocket in the back for literature and two holes on the side for binding. The Compact Disc Binder comes with 3 free CD Binder Pages so that you can get started organizing your CDs. You can also purchase CD Binder Pages separately in packs of 10.

This system is ideal for teachers faced with carrying around many resources from room to room, school to school, and all of it back home again. In each binder you can store up to 15 CDs and their booklets or inserts in their padded binder pages. This is the most compact, lightweight way to store or travel with your CDs.

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CD Binder Pages - 10 pack
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