B-A-G Bossa Nova

From Jim Tinter Productions

by Jim Tinter

A Jazzy Collection Of Five Immensely Playable And Interactive Tunes Emphasizing B-A-G

B-A-G Bossa Nova includes a 32-page book and a 50-track interactive, demo/performance CD. The CD features live recorder tracks and interactive lessons on playing the recorder, playing each song, articulation, solfege, and Kodály rhythm syllables. The book includes full scores with parts for Boomwhackers®, electric/acoustic bass, and Orff and percussion instruments; individual parts for recorders and C instruments; guitar chords; solfege; scat syllables for teaching jazz articulations and phrasing; and the rights to copy the notation. Plus, it comes with duet/trio scores, written and recorded solo/echo patterns, fingering chart, transcribed solos, detailed teaching suggestions, and a note names chart for students not yet able to read standard music notation. A Student Book/CD is also available. (Note that the student book is designed for individual students only, does not include full scores or teaching suggestions, and does not carry the license to copy.)

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B-A-G Bossa Nova - Teacher Kit - Book/CD
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