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by Teresa Jennings

The subject of this revue aims to help our young charges learn early in life that what we think and how we speak can affect the quality of our lives and the lives of others. The best tools we can provide for children, other than a solid academic education, are more abstract. They include things like building character - honesty, manners, decency, etc. These are all things that come from within. They are things that can be taught, mostly by example, but also by discussion and reinforcement, which is where music can help. From the pages of Music K-8 magazine, Volume 22, the revue Positive includes:

  • Positive - The lyrics for the opening song outline the theme of the revue. The melody is quite singable and consists mostly of quarter notes. And while the optional second part has a syncopated rhythm, it's very natural to sing. This song also has a choreography video available if you want to add movement.
  • I Like Me - This is a cute tune that can be sung by very young, primary students, thanks to its simplicity. But of course, it can also be used with any grade you like, and it can easily be used on its own since the lyrics are not specific to the revue.
  • I'd Rather Be Happy - The tune is set in a pop/rock style that has a bit of a retro flavor, but the tracks on the recording are contemporary in their use of synthesized sounds combined with traditional real instruments. This song is another natural for movement and there is a choreography video available.
  • I'm Letting It Go - Forgiveness is one of the toughest things to do. Yet, holding on to hurt can be more detrimental to us than letting it go. That's the message of this song and one that aims to teach that release is part of the process that leads to a happier life. "Big ol' rock ballad" perfectly describes the song, as it is replete with electric guitars, bass, and drums. There are two vocal parts, the second one being optional as usual.
  • Think Good Thoughts - The finale is all about being positive and has a positive vibe. Labeled "Positively pop," it bounces with a dynamic energy from the beginning to the end. Plus, it's another one that could work as a stand-alone outside of the revue.

This revue is a wonderful tool for opening discussions about character and even for discussions on bullying. Be sure your colleagues know you have this resource.

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About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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I Like Me
I'd Rather Be Happy
I'm Letting It Go
Think Good Thoughts

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