Tale Of Guido D'Arezzo, The

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Maritza Mascarenhas Sadowsky

An Interactive Storybook About The Inventor Of Music Notation

Long before the lines and spaces, the flags and beams, music had to be memorized because there was no way to write it down. That is, until clever Guido came along! Learn how this Medieval monk laid the groundwork for the system of music notation that we use today. This true story is told with beautiful illustrations and age-appropriate vocabulary, which can be read from the screen or heard by clicking the listen icon. Embedded audio plays period music, whimsical sound effects, and a professionally-voiced narration. As you scroll through each interactive page, be sure to click highlighted elements to watch the story come to life. Utilizes Flash technology that works on individual computers and interactive whiteboards. (Grades 1-5)

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The Tale Of Guido D'Arezzo - CD-ROM
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