Boomwhackers® - The Performers' Pack

From Rhythm Band Instruments

by Bradley L. Bonner

This DVD has 22 interactive DVD scores that are designed for advancing Boomwhacker® ensembles. Each track can be used independently or combined for performance. The arrangements in The Performers’ Pack Volume 1 have been created with multiple playing abilities addressed. The color-coded notes of the score appear on screen, projected from a DVD player or computer disc drive, in sync with motivating accompaniments. Any one or more of the learned parts can be played along with the practice or performance tracks to create an impressive concert offering. When parts are mastered, performance tracks present the animated score without Boomwhackers® sounds. Directors can freely substitute the assigned Boomwhackers® in the score to reflect the tubes available in their ensembles.

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Boomwhackers® - The Performers' Pack - Vol 1 - DVD
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