On Safari

From Hal Leonard

by Lynn Zettlemoyer

A Musical Journey Through The African Savannah

Let's go on a safari with Ward, Lilly, Didi, Daniel, Melissa, Wally, and a host of safari guides. Through song and dialogue, learn about the exciting African Savannah wildlife of lions, giraffes, geckos, bushbabies, servals, weaverbirds, crocodiles, and elephants. Either as a staged performance with characters or simplified speaker parts for a revue-style presentation, this well crafted, mini-musical will create a smart and fun-filled learning experience for students and audiences. The Teacher's Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements, a helpful production guide, and two script options: an engaging and fact-filled drama script with a lively collection of characters that will entertain your audience, and a narration script which can be read by 2-25 (or more) characters. Split or combine some of the lines to meet your specific needs. Singer PDFs are included via digital download. Performance/Accompaniment audio recordings are accessible via digital download. Songs include:

  • On Safari
  • The Lion Doesn't Sleep Tonight
  • "Acacia" Hadn't Noticed
  • Twiga The Twiggy Giraffe
  • Gecko On The Hunt
  • You're Keeping Me Up All Night
  • Sneaky Serval
  • They Behave That Way
  • I Think It Might Be Elephants!

(Grades 2-5)

Handbook will contain the online access code.

(Run time: ca. 35 minutes)

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On Safari - Performance Kit
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