Rhythm Rescue!

From Hal Leonard

by Lynn M. Brinckmeyer

Musical Activities To Expand Rhythmic Vocabulary

Lynn Brinkmeyer brings her musical expertise in her new book, Rhythm Rescue!, with the intention to expand the rhythmic vocabulary of singers. Students of all ages are more successful if they use a physical gesture during the learning process. Singers do not have a lever, a bow, strings, or buttons to push like instrumentalists do. Physiology helps solidify those rhythms in the body and Lynn has created fun and exciting rhythm exercises to teach and reinforce rhythm learning in the classroom and rehearsal.

This book has two sections: Isolated Rhythm Activities and Rhythms and Pitches. Many of the songs include traditional folk songs which is an added bonus. All the strategies are intended to support the required curriculum and state and national music standards. Most of the activities are interchangeable with the different songs in the book and can also be transferred to barred instruments, non-pitched percussion instruments, and performance literature. Activities include: Passing Rhythms 'Round the Circle, Partners in Common Time, Pulsing Notes, Rhythm Drills, Duple or Triple?, Rhythm Treasure Hunt, Change It Up!, Rhythms Rearranged, Secret Word Secret Rhythm, London Bridge Mix-Up, and more.

Take this powerhouse book of ideas, build upon them, modify and adapt to whatever is needed to get your students successfully reading and creating rhythms. (Grades 4-12)

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Rhythm Rescue! - Activity Book
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