Marimba Mojo!

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  • About the Author
  • Forward
  • Instrumentation -- Hosho
  • Terms Used in Arrangements
  • Rehearsal Considerations
  • Directing the Performance
  • The Pieces:
  • Simon
  • Tatenda
  • Thump
  • Hope
  • Waves
  • Heavy Roller
  • Tsokoshata
  • The Hidden Treasure Of Nozqlmnon-Pfecklq
  • Mojo
  • Meara, Meara
  • Crash And Burn
  • Musasa
  • Suggested Listening
  • Resources

The 8 1/2 x 11 Book includes 12 graduated pieces that build on the skills learned in Hot Marimba!; Copy-OK scores for all pieces - transcriptions suitable also for any marimba; suggested arrangements for each piece; rehearsal and performance suggestions; and suggested resources and networking for follow-up.

The Companion Audio CD includes every tuned played clearly in exciting full-length versions, many performed by Rugare Marimba Ensemble (playing Orff instruments and marimbas).