Gift To The Earth, A

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  • Scrappy
  • Marty
  • Robin
  • Bobby
  • Jamie
  • Pat
  • Kelly
  • Kim
  • Children


  • Garbage!: Voices (chanted in unison), Clap, Pat, Stamp, Snap, Rub Hands
  • Brothers Of The Sea: Voices (unison with spoken part and three ostinato chants), Soprano Glockenspiel, Alto Metallophone, Bass Xylophone, Bass Metallophone, Hand Drum
  • Reuse, Recycle: Voices (unison), Soprano Xylophone, Alto Xylophone, Bass Xylophone, Bell Tree, Hand Drum, Finger Cymbals
  • The Colors Of The Earth: Voices ( in two parts), Soprano Recorder, Soprano Glockenspiel, Bass Xylophone, Bass Metallophone, Triangle, Temple Blocks
  • A Gift To The Earth: Voice (unison), Soprano Xylophone, Soprano Glockenspiel, Bass Xylophone, Triangle, Congas, Bongos

Costume and set suggestions are also included.