Songs For Little Singers

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  • Who's That Tapping?: Voices (unison), Bass Xylophone, Wood Block, Triangle
  • Frog On A Log: Voices (call and response chant)
  • Splish-Splash: Voices (unison chant)
  • Little Bird: Voices (unison), Soprano Glockenspiel, Bass Xylophone, Triangle
  • My Favorite Instrument: Voices (unison), Bass Xylophone, Bass Metallophone
  • I'm Special: Voices (unison and partner song with improvisation), Bass Zylophone (or a hand drum as an alternative)
  • Rabbit: Voices (unison), echo rhythm game with Clapping, Alto Xylophone, Soprano Glockenspiel (optional), Bass Metalophone
  • Rob Rocket: Story with improvised movements and sounds
  • The Cold Wind: Voices (unison), Soprano Glockenspiel, Alto Xylophone, Bass Xylophone
  • A Walk: Voices (unison song and chant), Bass Xylophone, Wood Block
  • Colors: Voices (unison) game for color identification
  • Give It To You: Voices (unison chant) game for steady beat and leadership
  • Big Hairy Monkey: Voices (unison), Speech Ostinatos, un-pitched instruments, Soprano Glockenspiel, Alto Xylophone, Bass Xylophone, Bass Metallophone
  • Music Town: Voices (unison), Bass Xylophone (teacher)
  • Spring Is Here: Voices (unison), Soprano Glockenspiel, Alto Glockenspiel, Alto Xylophone, Bass Xylophone, Soprano Metallophone, Alto Metallophone, Bass Metallophone, Chime Tree
  • Echo: Voices (Teacher/Class call and response)
  • Sunny Summer Days: Voices (unison), Speech Ostinatos, Soprano Glockenspiel, Alto Metallophone, Bass Xylophone
  • Moving: Voices (unison) moving to specific 6/8 rhythms
  • My Friend: Voices (unison) moving/mixer game
  • Autumn Leaves: Voices (unison)
  • Stars: Voices (unison), Soprano Glockenspiel (improvised), Alto Glockenspiel (improvised), Bass Xylophone, Triangle
  • One Wiggly Worm: Voices (unison), Soprano Glockenspiel, Bass Xylophone, various Unpitched rhythm instruments
  • Hello!: Voices (unison)
  • Good-Bye: Voices (unison)