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Classical Ukuleles

A Collection of Favorites for Young Players

by Karl Hitzemann

We love ukuleles! They have such a wonderful, unique sound and they are accessible for players of all ages. We also love classical music – all those incredible, recognizable melodies. It's so important to introduce these melodies and their composers to our young students.

As with the collection Classical Bells, we have taken six well-known classical compositions and arranged them to work with, in this case, ukuleles. The ukulele parts are designed to fit in with the original work, but the chords used are all easy to fairly easy to play.

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Ukulele Music from Plank Road Publishing

Ukulele Karate

Ukulele Karate

A highly motivational method for young players

by Barb Philipak/music arranged by Paul Jennings

By popular demand, we bring you the much anticipated ukulele method from Barb Philipak with dozens of songs arranged by Paul Jennings and recorded with the professional tracks you have come to expect from us at Plank Road Publishing.

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Ukulele Karate

Folk Songs For Ukulele

Old Favorites For Young Players

Folk songs really lend themselves well to the ukulele. The songs are fun and familiar and perfect for strumming along. Most of the songs in this collection feature two or three chords, and there is plenty of flexibility built into each tune so that you can make it easy or more challenging for your performers. Each song has a unique blend of traditional instruments, including a variety of guitars, Dobro, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, bass, and strings.

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Diamond Head Ukulele

Diamond Head Ukulele

These Diamond Head ukuleles are fun and affordable, with a maple body and neck. They are available in five beautiful colors with careful workmanship and fantastic tone for an entry level. As a result, they tune up perfectly and play so easy that kids will love them. Each instrument comes with its very own color-matched gig bag, making it easy to take with you anywhere you go.

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