My deepest gratitude to each of you for sharing the bounteous wealth of talents you all possess.

- Arizona

From the first days in high school choral and orchestral music, to music therapy instruction with special needs students, to the last 20+ years in elementary general music, Music K-8 has provided some of the best experiences with my students.

- Arizona

Although I've never been one for Internet chat rooms and the like, I truly "sang your praises" at every non-cyberspace opportunity.

- Arizona

My days at [school district] were certainly more "tolerable" having your tremendous resources available.

- Arizona

Your wonderful Music K-8 magazine has been joyfully uplifting, inspiring, and so encouraging to me these past many, many years!

- Arizona

I have been a subscriber for years. I appreciate your integrity and the character-building aspects of your writing. All your materials are very helpful and enjoyable.

- South Carolina

Thanks for all the great music and ideas! My teaching year is filled with Music K-8.

- New York

Your selections help keep lessons fresh, new, and exciting for the students. Thank you for creating such wonderful resources year after year!

- New Jersey

Music K-8 is the first thing I spend my budget money on each year. Can't imagine teaching without it.

- Georgia

Thanks for making a great product. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

- North Carolina

Thank you so much for all that you do! You make my job so much easier!

- Virginia

You all are so amazing! I just love all your products. Your music is always relevant and timely. Thank you for an absolutely AWESOME product.

- North Carolina

I can't imagine teaching without your resource. Music K-8 is the first thing I put on my budget each year. [...] It helps me current! My parents love the different songs that "tug on the heartstrings!” Every time I have called about anything, customer service has been so helpful! [...] You feel like part of the family!

- Wisconsin

Your magazine and songs have been a real treasure through the years. Keep it going. Love it.

- Wisconsin

I truly love receiving every issue.

- Wisconsin

Could not live without you!

- United Kingdom

Your company is awesome, and I purchase most of my music/curriculum books from you. Keep of the great work.

- Illinois

I have every issue of every volume and they are well loved.

- Minnesota

You are wonderful. [...] This is such a fast-paced, busy school that I really appreciate your publication. I need it every year.

- Michigan

I am a Special Education teacher of Music and Movement. This is my first year in this position, and Music K-8 is a fabulous resource. [...] My students love the music, and I am able to adapt the activities to their abilities.

- Delaware

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