Kookaburra's Christmas Down Under

From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings

A Joyous Holiday Fantasy

It's Christmas time in Australia! The sun is high in the sky, the temperatures are soaring, and it's the middle of summer. Most of the native inhabitants, including a family of koalas, kangaroos and joeys, wombats, dingoes, crocodiles, and even a resident duck-billed platypus, are celebrating the season in style. They're shopping and wrapping and decorating. But they're also having picnics, watching fireworks, and going to the beach.

But wait. There is one notable resident who doesn't celebrate Christmas. At least not yet. Kooky Kookaburra is too young to know what Christmas is. When the others ask him to join their celebration, he requires a bit of seasonal tutelage, which they cheerfully offer in song and dance. Kooky is excited about the concept but requires a bit more clarification. After all, where does Christmas come from? His friends tell him quite poignantly: Christmas comes from the heart. Kooky realizes how wonderful Christmas is and agrees to celebrate with his friends from now on. He even offers his very own gum tree to be used as the Christmas tree! The tree is decorated, the entourage gathers together for a traditional Australian candle-lighting ceremony, and together they sing a rousing finale to ring in the Christmas season down under!

Teresa's musicals always teach a lesson on several levels, and this one is no exception. It teaches about the customs in Australia, and it captures the spirit of the season as the characters share their joy with the little kookaburra. And it is designed to work with a variable number of actors and singers. The recordings are wonderfully orchestrated and professionally recorded with top musicians, and are available as a part of a money-saving Performance Kit that gives you everything you will need to have a successful production.

Songs include:

  • Christmas Down Under
  • Kooky Is A Kookaburra
  • The Kangaroo Hop
  • Christmas Comes From The Heart
  • Singing By Candlelight

About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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Sound Samples

Song Title
Christmas Down Under
Kooky Is A Kookaburra
The Kangaroo Hop
Christmas Comes From The Heart
Singing By Candlelight

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