Stomp Out Loud

From HBO Home Video

It's part dance, part percussion ensemble, and part theater... and it's all exciting fun! That's why so many teachers have introduced their students to this wonderful group. If you can't catch one of their performances live (which we highly recommend) this DVD is the next best way to experience their magic. And, of course, they do some things in this DVD that they can't do live (like the scene where they are playing in a tank of water).

Yes, STOMP is a great way to kick off a unit on percussion, rhythm, movement, "found" and homemade musical instruments, improvisation, composition, or any combination thereof. And if you have classes of older students with attitude problems or with a need for inspiration, a unit centered on STOMP is guaranteed to energize them. We highly recommend this great resource. (50 minutes)

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Stomp Out Loud - DVD
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