Blues Cats Recorder

From Themes & Variations

by Brad Keller and Bonnie Rossa

The eight songs in this collection are in all blues forms ranging in style from the swing to blues rock shuffle to hard rock blues to heavy metal rock. The songs work equally well with recorder, any barred Orff instrument, as well as any other melodic instrument. The melodies are geared toward beginning students, but more advanced students will enjoy playing the melodies and soloing to the accompaniment tracks. Each song includes lyrics that can be used in conjunction with, or in place of the recorders.

The Digital Resources on the P/A CD include PowerPoints®, QuickTime™ movies, and Smart Notebook versions of each song. Teachers with just a computer/projector or any interactive whiteboard will find the digital versions of the songs a huge help in their teaching.

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Blues Cats Recorder - Book/CD
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