Holly Jolly Pirates Of Piñataville, The

From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings and Karl Hitzemann

Teresa Jennings has teamed with renowned humorist and writer Karl Hitzemann to produce this exciting holiday musical! This delightful tale is especially written for K-4 students and as with virtually all of Teresa and Karl's K-4 musicals, it is secular in nature, and comes with a memorable lesson to be learned.

Long ago, in days of yore, everything is sweet in the little town of Piñataville where making piñatas is a happy way of life. That is, until one night when a mischievous band of pirates sneaks into town and plunders the piñatas. When the townspeople discover the crime, they are horrified! They set out to discover the identity of the culprits by setting a trap, using the few piñatas they have left as bait. Only instead of filling them with treats, this time they use hot peppers! When the thieves do indeed return to the scene of the crime, they are most unpleasantly surprised when the "candy" they bite into turns out to be hot, hot, hot! Rendered temporarily helpless, they are easily captured by the people of Piñataville who quickly and compassionately give them cool water to drink. The penitent pirates admit their extreme fondness for sweets and apologize for their actions. The townspeople decide to let it go if the pirates agree to help them make more piñatas for the upcoming holidays. The pirates are delighted to help, not only paying their debt to society, but making new friends as well. Everything is sweet in Piñataville once again! Songs include:

  • ¡Hola From Piñataville!
  • Arrr!
  • What Should We Do?
  • Pepper Music
  • Forgiveness Is The Treasure We Seek
  • Jolly Fiesta

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The Holly Jolly Pirates Of Piñataville - Kit with CD
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The Holly Jolly Pirates Of Piñataville - Downloadable Musical
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The Holly Jolly Pirates Of Piñataville - Student Edition
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Sound Samples

Song Title
¡Hola From Piñataville!
First Dialogue
Second Dialogue
What Should We Do?
Third Dialogue
Pepper Music
Fourth Dialogue
Forgiveness Is The Treasure We Seek
Fifth Dialogue
Jolly Fiesta

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