Folksong Partners Around The World

From Hal Leonard

by Mary Donnelly and George L.O. Strid

MORE Flexible Favorites For Unison And Part-Singing Fun!

Here are more flexible folksongs to introduce young singers to beginning part-singing and experience a variety of world cultures. The reproducible singer songsheets feature each folksong and its partner on separate pages for a variety of teaching options. Teach these world folksongs in the lower grades. When singers are ready, teach the partner songs, and add 12 more songs to their singing repertoire. For further challenge, "partner them up" for 12 more performance options. A helpful teaching sequence and extension activities are also included. Accompany your singers live with simple piano parts in the printed collection, or use quality Performance/Accompaniment MP3 recordings available via audio access in the Performance Kit. Fresh new originals are partnered with these folksongs: Ging Gang Goolie, Tum Balalaika, Andale Juana, Sansa Kroma, Haru Ga Kita, Old Dan Tucker, Sarasponda, Ma Bella Bimba, and more. (Grades 1-6)

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