Music Show, The - Season 1

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson

Video Series Starring Luigi's Baton And Mike

Animated FUNdamentals Through Song

Join your favorite animated characters led by the famous Luigi's Baton and his side-kick Mike the Microphone, as they introduce young music students to the FUNdamentals of music, with emphasis on the fun! With the help of their friends Cadence the Drummer and Fret the Guitar, children will love learning about beat, rhythm, tempo, melody, and so much more. Laughing and learning with Luigi's Baton is what makes The Music Show a sure-fire hit. The all-in-one format features: full color digital lessons with embedded video episodes for instant viewing, projectable and reproducible song charts with lyrics and embedded audio, activity visuals to reinforce music concepts, and quality lesson plans. All projectable content is included via digital access and viewed in your browser, so there is no need for special software. Just download the files onto your computer and you're ready to go. Performance and accompaniment audio recordings are also available in a separate folder via download for performance options. Songs include: The Beat Is The Heart Of Music; I've Got Rhythm, How 'Bout You? Take A Rest; We're Gonna Sing High, Low And In The Middle; Presto Is Fast, Largo Is Slow; and Lines And Spaces Baby! (Grades 1-3)

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