Kenya Sing & Dance

From Nada Brahma Productions

by Tim Gregory

Music & Movement From East Africa

This resource is designed to be a useful tool in social studies, language arts, and other non-music curriculum. The book includes: cultural context of the music of the Kamba people of East Africa; transcriptions of songs with standard musical notation; field and performance notes; transcriptions of drum and whistle patterns; and a list of educational standards addressed.The DVD includes: professionally filmed field recordings of songs and dances from the bush of East Africa; step-by-step instruction of 7 songs with Swahili subtitles; examples of performances by western students; easy-to-follow instruction for 3 traditional dances; tips on dance moves and drumming; instructions for a really fun East African stick game; and information on Kenya Connect Outreach programs. Soundtracks to the field recordings, sing-along instructions for 7 songs, an optional drum pattern for songs, and whistle patterns for 3 traditional dances are on the CD.

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Kenya Sing & Dance - Book/CD/DVD
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