Warm-Up In Gee (And Gosh Golly)

From Plank Road Publishing

by Prunehilda Matata Mozart/orchestrated by Wolfbane Armadillo Mozart

Wolfbane Armadillo Mozart is with us once again, this time with his unique counterpart, Prunehilda Matata Mozart. When the two of them put their fuzzy heads together, one never knows what will emerge. The real panache of this tune comes from its dubious orchestration. You and your students will be treated to a cacophony of sounds best described as, "Huh? Was anyone hurt in that accident?"

But seriously, the vocal warm-ups contained in this lighthearted three-way partner piece are quite legitimate in their focus. The first part stresses an emphasis on enunciation - getting the mouth, tongue, and throat working together. The second part loosens the vocal cords, encourages breath control and support, and makes the singers give the pitch a thought or two. The third part is distinctly aimed at the diaphragm. With proper staccato separation, singers are compelled to bounce abdominally. It's very fun and it serves a purpose... you can't go wrong with a combination like that! (from Music K-8, Vol. 11, No. 1)

(Run time: 2:29)

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Warm-Up In Gee (And Gosh Golly)

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