Discover The Great Composers

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CD-ROM: Projectable Color Photos And Fun Facts

Discover The Great Composers Series has gone digital! Now you can explore the lives and music of 20 of the greatest composers from the Renaissance Period to the 20th century with interactive projection and sound. You'll capture your students' imaginations with full-color photos and illustrations, short biographies, and interesting fun facts, all set in a user-friendly PDF format that uses Adobe® Reader® 9.0 or higher. This version also features 20 carefully chosen recordings, so your students can experience a representative masterwork by each composer. The recordings are embedded into the projected file, so you can listen and watch with a single click. A variety of listening ideas and assessments are also included to keep your students actively involved. Whether you use an interactive whiteboard or a projection system and your computer, the learning possibilities are endless! (Grades 4-8)

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Discover The Great Composers - Composers Poster Pak
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