Jingle Bells In 10 Flavors

From Jim Tinter Productions

by Jim Tinter

For Singers, Recorders, And All C Instruments

Jingle Bells In 10 Flavors is a fun, humorous, and lighthearted performance or instructional piece for singers, recorders, and C instruments. It presents 10 contrasting music styles and is intended to have a tinge of frivolity and tongue-in-cheek humor. Jingle Bells In 10 Flavors has the option of including Orff and classroom percussion instruments, movement, props, or costumes. It is designed to be staged as simply or as elaborately as you choose. Regardless of your presentation, Jingle Bells In 10 Flavors will be the highlight of your next winter program. Children will enjoy performing it and audiences will absolutely love it! A Student Book/CD is also available. (Note that the student book is designed for individual students only, does not include full scores or teaching suggestions, and does not carry the license to copy.)

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Jingle Bells In 10 Flavors - Teacher Kit - Book/CD
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