All-Time Christmas Favorites

From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings and John Riggio

Music K-8 has always been the source of unique holiday songs that become the favorites of young singers and their audiences. We are pleased to bring you a collection of the songs that have received raves from the teachers who used them. You'll appreciate the options for adding movement, bells, or even candles with these songs selected from the pages of Music K-8 magazine. Includes:

  • Blitzen's Boogie - A boogie woogie for a reindeer has just got to be a lot of fun, right? Besides, it's about time Blitzen got some attention. The kickin' big band in the background doesn't hurt either. This is a popular favorite for winter concerts.
  • Grandma's Chicken Soup - Picture yourself playing outside on a snowy winter day. Good thing there's a bowl of grandma's chicken soup to warm you up when you get home! This humorous country piece features guitar, banjo, and chicken choir. Young singers will enjoy the lively tempo and fun lyrics, and its repetition makes the song pretty easy. It's also a natural for adding movement.
  • Hip Hop Reindeer - Bet you didn't know that reindeer love hip hop, did you? The rapped part of this tune is rhythmically very simple, so even your youngest performers can join in. Your students will really get into it with the wailing alto sax solo over a funky horn band. This awesome song is perfect for adding some movement, too.
  • Just One Candle - This simple anthem to peace and unity has had a profound effect on many of the schools that have already performed it. For maximum effect, the ending of the work features an orchestrated instrumental section that is designed as a candle lighting ceremony. Everyone will be inspired by this memorable performance.
  • There's Someone In The Chimney - The best part of this simple tune is the "mystery" of the identity of the character in the chimney. While singers speculate that it must be Ol' St. Nick, the voice in the chimney insists otherwise.
  • We Will Jingle - Jingle bells are one of the classic, iconic sounds of the holiday season and they are all about music and rhythm. Here's a way to showcase jingle bells while implying that unmistakable holiday vibe. Your kids will dig the edgy, hard rock style.
  • Everlasting Fruitcake - Of all the holiday traditions that come to mind, the one that strikes fear into the hearts of mortal men is the ancient, inedible, store-bought fruitcake that keeps getting passed around. This country-flavored tune takes the idea to a silly extreme, with great results.
  • Have A Happy, Happy Holiday - Teresa Jennings has created an upbeat, pop-style tune that is great for the holidays (but not Christmas-specific). You can't sing this one without being happy!

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Sound Samples

Song Title
Blitzen's Boogie
Grandma's Chicken Soup
Hip Hop Reindeer
Just One Candle
There's Someone In The Chimney
We Will Jingle
Everlasting Fruitcake
Have A Happy, Happy Holiday

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