Gift To The Earth, A

From Alice Olsen Publications/Plank Road Publishing

by Alice Olsen

A Musical Arranged For Orff Instruments

Reuse, recycle, conserve, and preserve are the themes of this ecology oriented musical. This musical can be used in three ways: as an informative program; as a vehicle for musical growth (extending and improvising the material through input from the children); or as a focal point for unified school study (ecology, social studies, environmental science, art, dance, music, etc.). Ideally, this program will be coordinated with classroom teachers who will work with children on the importance of ecological relationships, design practical projects involving recycling and conservation, and so on. Art teachers can create lessons using reusable objects. Music classes may make homemade instruments with this same objective. The program then becomes the culmination of the entire unit.

The musical contains five songs and four scenes, and has eight speaking parts, as well as a variable number of non-speaking parts. The optional instruments include xylophones, metalophones, glockenspiel, recorder, and various non-pitched percussion (such as triangle, hand drum, finger cymbals, etc.).

About the Downloadable OptionThe downloadable version contains all the components the print version would, but in electronic format.

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