Best Gift Ever, The

From Themes & Variations

by Denise Gagné

The Buymore Shopping Mall has a contest - tell what the best Christmas gift is, and WIN that gift! The shoppers have many unique gift ideas - toys, candy, new teeth, slippers, and baked goods. But it's the Charity Bell ringer that has the best gift idea - a Christmas meal for the homeless. The best gift is one that brings hope, peace and joy to all.

The Best Gift Ever Teacher's Handbook includes piano accompaniments, reproducible student pages, easy to understand choreography, costume suggestions, and staging ideas. The CD includes a vocal guide (to help your students learn the songs) and piano accompaniments.

(Run time: 30 minutes)

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The Best Gift Ever - Book/CD
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Give Us A Gift For Christmas
Rocks For Christmas
Why Can't They See?
The Greatest Gift Of All

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