Play-Along With Jazz

From Hal Leonard

by Tom Anderson

Groovin' Styles For Classroom Instruments

Your students will riff from the rafters with this collection written specifically for classroom instruments. Styles that groove like dixie, swing, bebop, and hard bop are introduced in a sequence that reflects the overall history of jazz as well as levels of difficulty. Scat singing is optional but can add a boppin' alternative to playing instruments so all students can participate. Basic drumming feels are included for even more play-along opportunities. Stand back and let the music-making begin. Swing, stomp, and riff until everyone is in the groove. Full scores and helpful teacher tips with optional unpitched percussion ostinatos are provided, along with digital access to play-along audio recordings and separate PDFs of the Orff instrument and recorder parts.

Songs include: Saints' Stomp, Riff Raff, Swing's The Thing, Boppin' Robin, A La Mode, and Hard Bop Candy. (Grades 4-8)

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Play-Along With Jazz - Book (w/ Digital Access)
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